big fat kitty

Last updated September 28, 2009

So what if I already have dozens hundreds of posts devoted to my cat?  She deserves her own page!

This is Squeaky, aka the Squeakster, Squeaky Deaky, Katkoot, Squeaky McSqueakerton, Kitty!, and my grunty little kitty.

She is also fondly called my little elephant, because she can exert a lot of force when she’s kneading your stomach

She’s also the couch cat…

…and the sofa sphynx.

I’ve always been a cat person, but sadly been without a cat.  We had Tigger from the time I was born until I was 3.  Then my family moved out of state and we gave Tigger to my grandparents.  Alas, my parents were happy to be cat free and we never got another.

After I graduated from college, I was determined to get a cat.  However, I was also in the process of getting married and having the husband immigrate to the United States.  I didn’t want to adopt a kitty he didn’t like, so I thought I’d wait until he came and we could pick a kitty baby out together.

Fast forward 3 years, 3 years of pestering, prodding and pleading, and  my husband finally gave in said go adopt a cat if it will make you happy!

As such, I found myself at the Saint Paul Humane Society on  December 6, 2008.  The first cat I looked at managed to wiggle out of my arms and cower under a bank of cages. Although that cat was breathtakingly beautiful, she really didn’t like me.

I browsed on, until I found myself at “Mitze’s” cage.  Here was a fat cat just begging to be loved.  She had a sign on her cage that said “I’m a cuddler,” and from that very first look, I knew Allah (swt) had meant for us to be together.

I  put a hold on her and planned to bring the husband back the next day.  Alas, when we awoke, we were in the midst of a blizzard.

Alhamdulilah, after a lot of pestering and some major dua, I convinced the husband that we could drive very very slowly and get the kitty.

I had set up a little sanctuary space, as I had read that cats were often overwhelmed by their new environment.  Not the Squeakster.  We set down the carrier, opened the door, and she promptly took ownership of the apartment.  She was the Queen and this was her Realm.

Alhamdulilah for my kitty


11 thoughts on “big fat kitty

  1. wa alaikum assalam,

    She does tend to have that effect on people. Unless of course it’s midnight, you’re wanting to sleep and she decides she absolutely MUST talk to you, lol.

  2. AWWWWW!

    I love lil Garfields!

    Your kitteh looks like our kitteh :D

    and isn’t it SO true…Allah SWT destines us to be with these animals, and destines these animals to be with us. It’s a very heart touching relationship :)

  3. Of course SHE is the real Queen of your house/flat. You are her servants who had to pay all the bills, buy her food and to keep all her places clean!
    and you will be honoured by her love :)
    ehm, Adventure of Murka and Chicho
    one day Chicho (owner of the house – tomcat of your neighbourghwoman) visited us – after some kisses with Murka, some whisker kisses with me and mum, he disappeared mysteriously.
    Murka was sleepy, so she slept on my bed. We wondered, where is tomcat?
    after 2-3 hours, he just yawned… and jumped from the my mum´s bed.. he was hidden under the blanket… now you see how the cat owns the house.
    he took for granted that he is allowed to sleep everywhere.

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